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Breast Reconstruction Tacoma

Breast Cancer is a mentally and physically traumatic experience. After successful treatment, some patients choose Breast Reconstruction Procedures to rebuild their appearance and confidence. Dr. Lynn Chung specializes in breast reconstruction using a tissue expander with implant procedure as well as autologous reconstruction with flaps procedure.

Autologous Reconstruction with Pedicle and Free Flaps

Autologous Reconstruction utilizes the patients own skin to craft new breasts. Different areas of the body can be used as the donor site of skin, muscle, fat, and blood vessels, including the abdomen and the back. While Autologous Reconstruction is the most complex form of breast reconstruction, the procedure can often return the patient’s silhouette to a pre-surgical shape.

In Autologous Reconstruction with Pedicle Flaps, the surgeon keeps some blood vessels intact but cuts others. This tissue is then pulled beneath the skin to create a breast mound in the chest area. This type of reconstruction can also be used in addition to breast implants, where the flap is used to create a pocket for the breast implant.

In free flap reconstruction, the donor tissue is detached completely from the body and is then reattached using micro-surgical techniques. This intricate procedure requires a longer surgery as well as a longer recovery.

Who is a good candidate for Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Different procedures are more appropriate for different patients. Women who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer or other reasons are candidates for Breast Reconstruction Surgery. The type of procedure used will be dependent on a number factors and can be discussed with Dr. Lynn Chung during your consultation.

What is the recovery like following Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Recovery from Breast Reconstruction is secondary to the recovery from breast cancer treatment. The Tissue Expander procedure is a gradual process with multiple trips to the plastic surgeon, so recovery time is spread out over a longer period. While the procedure does not take multiple trips over multiple months, the autologous reconstruction with flaps method requires a longer hospital stay and a longer initial recovery period.

Natrelle 3D Breast Reconstruction Animation

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