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Botox Tacoma

If you want to project an appearance that’s youthful and fresh, BOTOX may be the answer. More than ever men and women are excited to learn they can revitalize their reflection with this simple non-invasive treatment. BOTOX injections relax those worry lines, and crow’s feet and allow you to indulge in a natural and refreshed look.

BOTOX is a great stand-alone treatment for yourself or someone special or can be added to another procedure for additional impact and “Wow” factor.

The Procedure

BOTOX® can be injected into muscles in the forehead and around the eyes where expression lines typically occur. The transmission of nerve impulses at the injection sites, muscle and skin are smoothed and tightened for youthful results.

Patient comfort is paramount for Dr. Chung who personally performs all her injectable procedures. Discomfort during this procedure is very minimal, often compared to an insect bite. The needle used is quite small and delivers precise quantities of BOTOX to the injection site. The procedure itself takes approximately 10 minutes, and alcohol and exercise should be abandoned for 24 hours following your procedure to prevent swelling or redness.


We make it a priority to support you during your recovery. Dr. Chung believes in ensuring that her patients feel informed and empowered about their after care.

With BOTOX treatment there is no real downtimes. Common after effects may ne stinging or slight bruising around the injection site, however these usually fade very quickly. It usually takes 3-7 days for BOTOX® to begin to take effect, with final results taking up to two weeks. Lasting on average of 4 months, to maintain your results, you will need to repeat treatments every 3 to 6 months

If you’d like more information about Botox, contact the office of plastic surgeon Lynn Chung, MD.

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