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Nipple and Areola Reduction Tacoma

Nipple and areola reductions are quick and simple procedure that can be added to a breast augmentation, breast lift, or done on its own to improve the aesthetic appearance of your breasts. Many women who are born with large or inverted nipples or develop them after breast-feeding, suffer from insecurities, as they are difficult to hide under light clothing. Nipple and areola reduction can restore your self-esteem and your breasts youthful appearance.

When done on its own the procedure takes 30-60 minutes to perform as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. When combined with another procedure, additional anesthesia and hospital stay may be necessary. Areola reduction repair involves discrete incisions at the base of the areola, with removal of pigmented skin. Nipple reduction can reduce the length and width of the nipple. For length reduction the tip of the nipple is modified and sutured closed. Excess skin around the nipple will be removed as well. For width reduction a wedge from the undersurface of the nipple is removed, allowing the circumference of the nipple to be taken in. Light dressings and gauze are then applied to the nipple to stabilize the nipple and stop bleeding.

Bruising, swelling, and discomfort are common side effects following this procedure, but should only last for a few days following your surgery. Dr. Chung will prescribe pain medicine and postoperative care instructions to make your recovery comfortable and to achieve best results. You may resume your usual activities in a couple days, although strenuous and sexual activity should be avoided for weeks after your surgery. Rare risks associated with nipple reduction are loss of nipple sensation, infection, and scarring, but can be minimized with selection of a qualified surgeon and following of post care instructions. Dr. Chung is known for utilizing the latest techniques to achieve the most natural and satisfactory results.

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