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Body Contouring Tacoma

Body contouring is a combination of procedure that enhance the shape of your abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms. Weight loss or the effects of age may lead to a shape that’s dissatisfying or unappealing to you. We can help. These cosmetic body procedures are performed by Dr. Chung performed for patients:


If you’re a healthy person of normal weight, liposuction can be an excellent body-contouring tool to rid you of persistent fat deposits in many troublesome locations. Dr. Chung can remove stubborn love handles and saddlebags, in a relatively uncomplicated outpatient procedure. Patients choose liposuction for the same reason people do nationwide – to improve body shape and feel more fit.

Liposuction is a relatively simple procedure in which fat is removed from the body via a hollow, stainless steel instrument called a cannula. A small incision is made and the tube is inserted and guided through the tissue to loosen and remove fat deposits. Bleeding is minimized through the use of epinephrine which contracts blood vessels and a liquid anesthesia aids in pain control.

Tummy Tuck

The factors that can play into a flabby waistline are numerous. Everything from pregnancy to genetics to age can play a role. The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries used for aesthetic enhancement, because so many patients struggle with this area of the body. Dr. Chung not only removes loose tissue, but also sculpts both midline and oblique abdominal wall muscles. With this procedure, she restores a tapered waistline that even years of diligent exercise could not provide.

For patients with excess skin and lower abdominal fat, the tummy tuck procedure will be successful in removing these unsightly blemishes from your abdomen. Depending on your needs the procedure can be very minimal depending on both the amount of fat needing to be removed and the strength of the underlying muscle. This procedure is accomplished through a small incision in the bikini line and may be hidden from view.

Different lifting procedures are also used in body contouring:

  • Arm Lift
  • Lower Body Lift
  • Breast Lift
  • Thigh lift
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