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Breast Implant Revision Tacoma

Breast implant revision is a procedure where an implant is removed or replaced to correct a previous breast augmentation. There are many different reasons to get a breast revision, and the procedure varies with each patient. Childbirth and aging causes breast size, shape and position to shift over time, and a breast revision is used to correct these changes and rejuvenate your breasts. Many breast revision patients wish to change the size or type of implant or take their implants out permanently. Correcting a complication from a previous surgery such as a ruptured implant or misplaced implant are other common reasons.

Breast revisions involve more detail and skill than a breast augmentation due to variance in cases, so surgeon selection is very important. Dr. Chung has performed over hundreds of breast revisions, specializes in breast procedures, and possesses the expertise to customize and perform a procedure to help you reach optimum results.

It is very important to gather as much paperwork and details as you can from your initial breast augmentation to share with your plastic surgeon for your breast revision consultation. The more information Dr. Chung has, the better she can customize a procedure and surgery plan for you.   With many implant manufacturers offering warrantees on breast implants and financial assistance with revision surgery, your surgical costs may be reduced.

The recovery following a breast implant revision will be similar to your recovery following your breast augmentation. Swelling, bruising, itching, and discomfort are all common symptoms that will be treated with medication prescribed by Dr. Chung. You are encouraged to get up and move around right after your surgery and continue with gentle activity for a week. Full recovery varies by patient and procedure, but typically is two to six weeks. It is very important to follow all post surgery instructions, take medications, wear compression garments, and attend all follow-up visits.

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