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Thank you, Dr. Chung, for your vision and ability to create such a natural youthful look.

Published on January 26, 2014

I met Dr. Chung in the summer of 2009. Being no stranger to Botox, I have been to the most prominent, well- established doctors on 5th and Madison Avenue for the product. But there was something very different about Dr. Chung. She is a true visionary in her field. She took one look at my face and told me what I should look like, then proceeded to sculpt my face with Botox as no other doctor prior was able to accomplish.

At the same time I was researching doctors to perform a full face lift. I interview many well-known, successful doctors that my clients recommended. Not one of them made me feel as confident as Dr. Chung did in the consultation. I decided to let Dr. Chung do the procedure on March 1st of 2010. I have never been happier with my decision. She took ten years off of my face. There is a well rested look to my face. I get so many compliments and I look so natural.

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