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She knew exactly what to do

Published on August 29, 2013

I am no stranger to plastic surgeons. Over the years I have had several cosmetic procedures.

One area I found to be especially irksome was my lower jaw. This area was most problematic, as I had a “waddle” under my chin. Simply put – loose skin – which seemed to droop and sag.

Three separate procedures were performed to correct this area. Alas to no avail, if anything it seemed as if procedure after procedure made it worse.

Luckily, I then met Dr. Chung. She knew exactly what to do, to correct this problem. I am most impressed with Dr. Chung. A true professional – empathetic and caring with truly remarkable skills! I am happy to say that Dr. Chung has corrected this area with minimum discomfort. My friends tell me I have never looked better.

My advice to anyone considering cosmetic surgery is to first see Dr. Chung. Simply put – she is the best!

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