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My stomach has never looked better

Published on February 7, 2013

As a 53 year old woman, I have had my share of surgical procedures with many different doctors. I can honestly say from the moment that I met Dr. Chia Jen (Lynn) Chung I knew she would be an excellent plastic surgeon for me. I have always trusted my instincts, and a habit of thoroughly researching any procedure I decide to undergo. I was right on target when I chose Dr. Chung to do the Fraxel® Laser procedure on my face. Allowing someone to do a procedure on your face is probably the highest compliment you can give them as a surgeon. Dr. Chung discussed the procedure in detail, answered all my questions and suggested what she felt would accomplish the result I had in mind. Not only did she make me look fabulous but the procedure went exactly as planned. I was so pleased with the outcome I proceeded to have Dr. Chung do an abdominoplasty that I had been putting off. That too was a complete success and my stomach has never looked better. Besides being an excellent surgeon Dr. Chung takes the time to listen, inform and suggest what would result in the best outcome for her patients. My only disappointment is that she is going back to California and we will be denied her expertise. Guess I’ll have to take a few vacations in California.


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